Environmental Protection: Controlling the Present

    The Laboratory is committed to increasing sustainable practices and complying with environmental regulations.

    Not only do we solve National Security challenges, we care about how we impact human and environmental health as well. We exercise practices to protect wildlife, vegetation, natural spaces, air quality, and to even preserve local culture. We adhere to strict enviornmental laws and guidelines.

    Environmental Outreach

    The Laboratory is committed to maintaining proactive and interactive environmental communication and public involvement that is inclusive and responsive to all interested parties.

    wildlife monitoring 

    bird banding in los alamos wetlands

    LANL Wildlife Biologist Chuck Hathcock monitors bird populations in the Sandia Wetlands.

    Mitigating Wildland Fires

    The Los Alamos National Laboratory wildland fire management goals address wildfire threats. Emergency Operations maintains wildland fire management plans that respond directly to established requirements.

    regulations and Environmental Laws

    planning, policies, permits and management

    Environmental Planning Graphic 1920x800
    Planning for the Environment

    The Laboratory ensures environmental protection by implementing various policies to manage processes that impact the environment. Every program at the lab does this. We have various permits related to waste and discharge, and we carefully adhere to planning and reviews that encompass the boundaries of those permits. The community matters to us, and we annually compile their feedback regarding how we can improve.