Our environmental stewardship commitment

    We will clean up contamination from the past, minimize current operational impacts, and create a sustainable future.

    As we fulfill the Laboratory’s mission, we act as stewards of our environment and obey environmental regulations. By setting goals for continuous improvement, we measure and document our progress, and share our results with our workforce, stakeholders, and the public. 

    • Environment   Sustainable Future

      Creating a sustainable future

      We sustain and conserve our natural resources by measuring our results with an eye toward the future. Reducing water use, managing and restoring our lands, and using energy efficiently and sustainably lowers our long-term effect on the environment. Our sustainability efforts aim at structuring daily practices toward an increasingly lower impact.

    • Creating a healthy future

      We actively protect the quality of our aquifers, sustain air quality, work to eliminate contaminant releases, and strive to produce zero radioactive and hazardous waste. We identify current and future risks and take action by applying pollution prevention solutions focused on reducing the source of pollution, not merely recycling.

      Environment   Environmental Health
    • Environment   Cleaning Up

      Creating a clean future

      We remove and stabilize ground and water contaminants to protect human health and the environment, as well as sampling for known and unexpected contaminants. We prevent contaminants from reaching the Rio Grande and other neighboring areas.

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