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We are a trusted champion of enduring environmental stewardship and an effective trustee of the lands and resources, and proactively manage past and present environmental impacts to create a healthy and sustainable future.


Enduring Environmental Stewardship at Los Alamos National Laboratory

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"I am so awestruck by the incredible work performed at Los Alamos National Laboratory. It’s hard for me to comprehend how the dedicated workforce continues to accomplish so much that affects the world around us in such remarkable ways.  The beauty, serenity, and history of the Lab and surrounding landscape was part of the draw for the early scientists and engineers and it remains so today for all of us here to perform our important national security mission. We work and—many of us live—in a region with access to abundant recreational opportunities, clean air, protected water, unique ecology, amazing culture and history. The Laboratory’s commitment to enduring environmental stewardship is not just the right thing to do – it is integral to our mission. It helps us to protect those around us and create a sustainable future for the Laboratory and the land that we are entrusted to manage."

J’nette Hyatt
Senior Director
Environment and Waste Programs



  • Goal 1: Build trust by communicating our commitment to enduring environmental stewardship

    Communication is the core of our enduring environmental stewardship. We use transparent and effective communication to improve the performance of our environmental work and to build stakeholder trust.

  • Goal 2: Enable the national security mission by meeting or exceeding our federal and state environmental requirements

    Our enduring environmental stewardship helps ensure that we comply with state and federal environmental laws, regulations, and permits and that we protect Laboratory workers, the public, and the environment as we execute our national security mission.

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  • Goal 3: Plan and proactively manage our wastes and discharges and releases to the environment

    Regulatory compliance and the use of best management practices guides our pollution prevention, enduring waste management, monitoring, and environmental stewardship practices.

  • Goal 4: Be responsible partners for entrusted natural and cultural resources

    Managing our natural and cultural resources responsibly is a key part of Laboratory activities. The plans and processes we use enable us to be effective and respected long-term trustees of the Laboratory resources.

  • Goal 5: Use energy and water resources in a way that enables sustainability

    The important connection between enduring environmental stewardship and use of energy and water is one of our key focuses. Our plans and goals ensure that we use energy and water in a responsible way that is sustainable long-term.

  • Goal 6: Be an effective and resilient long-term steward of the land

    We use a science-based approach to anticipate and manage ongoing environmental changes. This work helps us guide and improve our land-use practices now and well into the future.



We are committed to act as stewards of our environment to achieve our mission in accordance with all applicable environmental requirements. We set continual improvement objectives and targets, measure and document our progress, and share our results with our workforce, sponsors, and public. We reduce our environmental risk through legacy cleanup, pollution prevention, and long-term sustainability programs. 

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